Friday, 4 August 2017

Christchurch Schools Music Festival Date

Correction to the newsletter, the date of the performance is Wednesday 25th October, not the 28th!

Exciting news! The tickets to the festival can now be purchased through ticketek. The Year 5-8 choir students will be performing at the Horncastle Arena on Wednesday 25th October at 7pm. More information on how to purchase tickets can be found on the festival website. This link here will show you what side of the stage we will be on. This will help you choose where you would like to sit. The ticketek booking page also has a plan showing where the choir will be sitting. Any questions about this, please see Mackenzie Kane in Room 8 or email me at

Jump Jam 4 StarJam - Friday 11th August 2017

Jump Jam 4 StarJam is a national initiative between StarJam and Jump Jam aerobic programme, designed to support young people with disabilities, while promoting health, wellness and inclusiveness within our school communities. All funds raised support StarJam’s programmes throughout New Zealand to support young people living with disabilities. It’s easy! At St Francis, will be having a whole school jump jam session during the day on Friday. Children are asked to bring along a $2 donation in exchange for a silicone wristband.